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Gua Sha Facial Tool

Gua Sha Facial Tool

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Gua Sha massage is an ancient ritual for beauty, youthfulness, and beauty of facial skin. The accessory helps to remove toxins from the skin, reduce puffiness, and enhance blood microcirculation. Besides, the stone relieves muscle tension, lifts and firms facial contours, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and energizes the skin. After the massage, a healthy glow will appear on the face, and the skin tone will be even and bright. Already after 2 weeks of regular use of the scraper, post-acne marks are reduced, and the skin becomes more radiant, well-groomed, and elastic.

How to use

Cleanse the face and neck and apply oil, cream, or serum to provide easy glide of the stone. Massage the skin for 5-10 minutes from the center outwards along the massage lines. Use it in the morning and evening.

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